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Best Practice For­schungs­projekte

Design and Implementation of a Low Power, Low Cost, Mobile ECG Monitor

Research topic and goal

The research project focuses on designing and implementing a low power, low cost, mobile ECG monitor. The project is split into several phases, with a first prototype based on off-the-shelf evaluation models for converting the analogue heart signals into a digital bit stream as well as low cost computational components for transmitting the data wirelessly to a display device (e.g. smartphone, tablet).

Follow-on phases aim at converging currently separated components into a fully integrated design. A commercially available version could consist of wristbands worn on both wrists or across breast and waist, which would read the heart signal, convert the data and send it via Bluetooth to a displaying device. Alternative implementations could incorporate the required functionality into the electrodes required to read off the heart signals.

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Project lead:
Prof. Dr. Markus Nauroth
Department of Information Systems

Winter term 2013/2014

Cooperation partner:
Dr. Petro Saridakis (cardiologist)

markus.nauroth (at)