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How do I apply to Mainz University of Applied Sciences?

1. Find out about the admissions criteria

Application deadlines, numerus clausus (restricted admissions) and admissions requirements for every degree program are listed on the site for the respective degree program.

Before applying to the following degree programs, you will be required to complete an aptitude test. You can find information about the process on the site of the respective degree program:

Vocationally qualified individuals can also study at Mainz University of Applied Sciences without an Abitur.

2. You would like to apply and have completed previous study periods?

In order to review your previous periods of study

  • for your application to a bachelor's degree program for all degree programs you have enrolled in to date
  • for application to a master's degree program for all degree programs you have enrolled in to date
  • Clearance certificate (in German)
  • Clearance certificate for degree programs at foreign universities (in English or German)
  • If no clearance certificate is issued by the outgoing university, please submit a transcript of records/transcript of grades stating the ECTS credits, grade, number of attempts including failed attempts, stating whether you are still eligible to take exams for this degree program. If you are still enrolled, this must be current; if you have already been de-registered, it must have been issued after de-registration.
  • If you have received a “final failure” (Endgültig Nichtbestehen) during your previous studies, you are required to name the module and submit the specific module description.


During the application process, we check whether an EN (final failure) has been received in a module or degree program.

The recognition of previous periods of study is carried out at the School after enrollment. You can find more information on our homepage under the respective school:

The recognition of academic achievements does not lead to placement in a higher semester.


The application for credit recognition for the degree program you are applying to, as well as the required documentation, must be uploaded to the application portal by the application deadline.

The application for credit recognition together with information on the recognition of previous academic achievements can be found on our homepage under the respective school

PLEASE NOTE: In view of the required processing times for the application for recognition of achievements, we recommend submitting the application as early as possible.

Depending on the recognized ECTS credits, the recognition of academic achievements will lead to a review of potential admission to the desired semester.

Please note that for some degree programs there are restricted admissions (numerus clausus) for the higher semesters as well.


Who to contact about having credits recognized

School of Engineering
Katja Reinhardt    
katja.reinhardt (at)

Simon Hermann
simon.hermann (at)

School of Design
Janine Wagner
06131 628-2022
janine.wagner (at)

School of Business
Anne Rosenbauer
anerkennungen.wirtschaft (at)


3. Get information on the steps of the application procedure

Here you can find out what documents you need for your application and the specifics of the application procedure:

Applying to a bachelor’s degree program with a

Applying to a master’s degree program with a

4. What happens after I submit my application online?

We check the application documents you have submitted online. You will be informed of the result of the review by email or in the application portal. You may submit any missing documents before the application deadline.

You will receive admission offers:

  • for non-DoSV degree programs in the application portal of Mainz University of Applied Sciences.
  • for DoSV degree programs at 

You will receive notifications of admission digitally through the application portal of Mainz University of Applied Sciences.
After your enrollment application has been received by Mainz University of Applied Sciences, it will be reviewed at the Office of Student Affairs and enrollment will be completed.


Tips for starting your studies:

Who to contact

Ursula Eiermann
Head of Student Affairs
Mon to Fri mornings and afternoons
T +49 6131 628-7380
Stefanie Stuck, Foto:Melanie Billian
Stefanie Stuck
Mon to Fri mornings
T +49 6131 628-7386
Daniela Hinker
Mon to Fri mornings
T +49 6131 628-7384
Christiane Mann
Mon to Fri mornings
T +49 6131 628-7382
Iris Schwabe
Mon to Fri mornings and afternoons
T +49 6131 628-7381